'Avalanche' Navy Bean (RFP-159)


Navy Bean

'Avalanche' is a navy bean variety released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) in 2008.

'Avalanche' is a navy bean line selected from the cross 96-177-01-01//Voyager/Black Knight, which was made in 1999. This cross was an attempt to combine several traits such as good yield, earliness, erect architecture, desirable seed characteristics, and multiple disease resistance.

'Avalanche' is a medium maturing, high yielding navy bean, with very good seed size, shape, and appearance. The seed is very uniform in size, and of similar appearance. 'Avalanche' has white flowers, dark green leaf color, is erect (Type II, short vine), with good lodging resistance. 'Avalanche' exhibits good synchronous plant dry-down prior to harvest (both plant and pods mature concurrently).The upright plant structure, help to avoid white mold, and combined with its synchronous dry-down, suggests that this line may be suitable for direct combining. 'Avalanche' is resistant to BCMV and moderately resistant to most rust races present in North Dakota. 'Avalanche' is susceptible to the new rust race 20-3. It has good canning qualities.

Development of this variety was made possible through funds provided by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association and the North Dakota Dry Edible Bean Seed Growers Association.

The NDSU Research Foundation holds plant variety protection (certificate no. 200900222) on 'Avalanche' and collects research fees on this variety.


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