NDSU Barley Varieties

'ND Genesis' - two-rowed barley (2ND25276) (RFP-264)

'ND Genesis' was developed by the NDSU Barley Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2015.

'ND Genesis' is a high yielding two-rowed barley variety. Based on eight years of the barley breeding program’s yield trials across North Dakota, ND Genesis has about a 5% yield advantage over 'Pinnacle'. The average yield advantage is over 8% in eastern ND and nearly 3% in western ND.

'Pinnacle' - two-rowed barley (2ND21863) (RFP-141)

'Pinnacle' has barley parentage of mostly experimental lines, but includes 'Logan' and 'Foster' in its early ancestry. The original cross was made in 1999 by Jerry Franckowiak, former NDSU two-rowed barley breeder who retired in 2006.

'Pinnacle' has a white hull, smooth awns and long rachilla hair. 'Pinnacle' has greater resistance to spot blotch than 'Conlon', North Dakota's leading two-rowed barley, and approaches that of 'Lacey' and 'Drummond', which are six-rowed varieties. Fusarium head blight resistance, measured as a percent of infected kernels, is slightly less than that of 'Conlon', while the deoxynivalenol (DON) level is slightly higher.

'Rawson' - two-rowed barley (ND19119) (RFP-127)

'Rawson' was developed by the NDSU Barley Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2005. 'Rawson' is a two-rowed barley variety with very large kernels (15-20 percent larger than 'Conlon'). The direct parentage of 'Rawson' includes three NDSU experimental barley lines. Over several years of yield testing, 'Rawson' has shown slightly higher yield than 'Conlon', lower leaf spot scores, and lower lodging scores. Despite having slightly stronger straw than 'Conlon', 'Rawson' seems to be more adversely affected by severe lodging than 'Conlon' and other two-rowed varieties. 'Rawson' has a longer grain-fill period than other two-rowed varieties, and consequently, yield losses under severe lodging conditions can be greater in 'Rawson' than other two-rowed varieties like 'Conlon'.

'Stellar-ND' - six-rowed barley (ND16301) (RFP-120)

'Stellar-ND' was developed by the NDSU Agricultural Experiment Station's six-rowed barley breeding program in cooperation with the USDA-Agricultural Research Station. 'Stellar-ND' was selected from the progeny of the cross: Foster//ND12200/6B88-3213 (ND12200 is an NDSU experimental line and 6B88-3213 is an experimental line from Busch Ag. Resources, Inc.).

'Conlon' - two-rowed barley (ND 13299) (RFP-32)

'Conlon' is a 2-row barley released by NDSU in 1996. Test weight and yield is better than 'Bowman'. Yield is equal to 'Stark'. 'Conlon' heads earlier than 'Bowman' and shows good heat tolerance by maintaining kernel plumpness. It is resistant to powdery mildew and net blotch but is moderately susceptible to spot blotch. It is prone to lodging under high yield growing conditions. It appears best adapted to western ND and adjacent western states.

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