'Hi-Fi' Oats (RFP-84)


oat harvest

'HiFi' was released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2001. 'HiFi' was selected from a cross between ND90141 and ND900118. 'HiFi' is a spring oat variety that is high yielding, disease resistant and possesses the unique grain quality of having high Beta-glucan concentration (about 30% greater than most released varieties) that may attract a premium oat market. In statewide variety trials, 'HiFi' yielded well relative to other entries especially in the eastern half of the state. The test weight and groat percentage of 'HiFi' are above average. The whole oat protein concentration is relatively high. 'HiFi' is medium to late in maturity and has good lodging resistance relative to its height. 'HiFi' has improved resistance to crown rust compared to 'Ebeltoft' and 'Killdeer'. 'HiFi' is intended to denote the high soluble fiber content of grain it produces.

In order to ensure genetic purity 'Beach' oat is protected under PVPA (certificate no. 200300193).

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