Prairie Meadow™ Juniper -- Juniperus horizontalis ‘ButteDak’ (RFM-02)


Prairie Meadow 1Prairie Meadow 2A female selection from the North Dakota Badlands with an attractive intermediate, clean green color. Blue-gray juvenile awl-shaped leaves to the inside create a bicolor effect to the plant. Plants have excellent vigor and density, growing 6 to 12 inches high. Plants develop a purplish -bronze hue in winter. Best if grown in full sun. Good drought and alkalinity tolerance. Reaches semi-mature size in about 10 years. Hardy in USDA Zone 2b-3.

Potential Uses or Applications

Nursery stock, ground cover and rock gardens

Development Stage

Plant propagation material can be obtained from NDSU Plant Sciences Department or shrubs from licensed nursery subject to availability.

Patent Status

U.S. Trademark – Prairie Meadow™

Licensing Status

This cultivar is available for non-exclusive licensing.

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