Novel Environmentally Safe Coatings for Ceramer Films based on Unsaturated Oil (RFT-26)

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Invention Summary


This vegetable (seed) oil-based (drying oil) coating utilizes mixed metal-oxo clusters to improve the properties of the ceramer films.


  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Environmentally safe technology uses vegetable seed oil as one of the primary components.
  • The coatings exhibit enhanced hardness without sacrificing toughness, impact resistance, or adhesion.
  • A mixed metal concept results in films which exhibit superior corrosion protection for metal substrates.

Applications Areas

This has potential uses with roofing materials, corrosion-resistant primers, heavy duty industrial coatings, new generation appliance (alkyd) coatings, and other alkyds or solvent based coatings.

Invention Premise

This NDSU invention is a ceramer precursor coating composition which can be used to form ceramer coatings having high tensile modulus and tensile strength while exhibiting a relatively moderate strain-at-break value. The coating composition includes an unsaturated oil stock and a sol-gel precursor which includes a mixture of at least two different sol-gel precursor species. The use of two sol-gel precursors has resulted in superior film properties over the use of a single sol-gel precursor. Examples of suitable mixed metal sol-gel precursors include mixtures which contain at least one titanium and one zirconium sol-gel precursors.Examples of unsaturated oil stock suitable for use in forming the coating composition are linseed oil, tung oil, perilla oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, fish oil, and dehydrated castor oil, as well as mixtures of these components.


U.S. patent No. 6,096,437 "Ceramer Coating Compositions" issued August 1, 2000.


Henry Nowak, Technology Manager

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