Stem Cell Mobilization Boosted 10X to 100X in People with Inadequate Response to Stem Cell Mobilizing Drugs (RFT-495)

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Invention Summary


Scientists at NDSU have developed a method to increase the efficacy of certain stem cell mobilizing drugs, including G-CSF and AMD3100. The method involves blocking the leptin receptor concurrent with administration of these drugs. In experimental studies, this strategy increased mobilization of the currently available mobilizing agents two- to five-fold higher than that observed with the agent alone, accounting for an overall mobilizing increase of ten- to one hundred-fold above baseline, depending on the agent used and treatment regimen. This technology has promise to improve outcomes for individuals with diabetes, and others whose stem cell mobilization is less than desired when taking the drugs described above.


  • Improve response of individuals with diabetes to certain treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.
  • Increase stem cell mobilization in any individual who is taking G-CSF or AMD3100, and potentially other stem cell mobilizing drugs, thereby potentially reducing the dose of the mobilizing drug needed.


  • Co-administration with stem cell mobilizing drugs


This technology is patent pending with worldwide PCT patent rights and is available for licensing/partnering opportunities.


Henry Nowak, Technology Manager

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