Polymers Derived from Bio-Diesel Waste for Road Dust Control (RFT-499)

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Invention Summary


Scientists at NDSU have developed a new material that can be applied to gravel roads for suppression of road dust. The material is made from the huge waste stream that is generated during the production of biodiesel which is primarily glycerol and biodegradable or bio-derived fatty acid esters. The new material is made up of mono- and di-gylcerides that are synthesized from a combination of waste glycerol and soybean oil triglycerides. Upon application to the road surface, the glycerides undergo crosslinking reactions to form a larger, more stable molecule.


  • Uses waste product from biodiesel production. 
  • Less corrosive than existing dust suppressants 
  • Resists water runoff removal 
  • Non-clogging and less corrosive to application equipment 
  • Resistant to contact removal 


This technology is the subject of U.S. issued patent No. 10,336,927 and U.S. issued patent No. 10,669,463 'Bio-Derived Composition for Dust Control'.


This patent is exclusively optioned in all fields of use. 


Saurabhi Satam, Business Development and Licensing Associate


RFT, 499, RFT499 

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