'Rio Rojo' Small Red Bean (RFP-198)


Rio Rojo

'Rio Rojo' is a medium-early maturing, high-yielding small red bean with commercially acceptable seed size, shape, and appearance. 'Rio Rojo' is erect, has good loding resistance, and exhibits good and synchronous plant drydown before harvest. It has shown superior performance in yield and disease resistance when compared with other small red bean varieties.

'Rio Rojo' has improved resistance to common bacterial blight (CBB). Even though it cannot be considered resistant, the intermediate levels observed in field tests showed that 'Rio Rojo' is better than all the small red cultivars commonly grown in the U.S. 'Rio Rojo' also has the marker linked to the / gene, which confers resistance to bean common mosaic virus (BCMV).

'Rio Rojo' is a selection from a cross between 'Buster' and VAS3. Seed quality (shape, size, color, etc.) is within the commercial rages of acceptability. 'Rio Rojo' is susceptible to the new race of bean rust (20-4) and anthracnose (race 73). Canning tests conducted at NDSU during 2011 (using seed produced in 2010) rated 'Rio Rojo' as average.

Development of this variety was made possible through funds provided by the Northarvest Bean Growers Association and the North Dakota Dry Edible Bean Seed Growers Association.

The NDSU Research Foundation holds plant variety protection (certificate no. 201300090) on 'Rio Rojo'.


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