'Rockford' Oats (RFP-166)



'Rockford' oat was developed by the NDSU oat breeding project and released by the Agricultural Experiment Station in January of 2008.

'Rockford' is a high yielding variety, and higher test weight better than 'Morton', 'HiFi', and 'Souris' across 47 locations in ND. It posses very good lodging resistant. It has a medium kernel weight, medium grain protein, medium groat percentage with high groat oil concentration, and a medium groat beta-glucan concentration. 'Rockford' has consistently produced high yields and test weights during five years of testing at several sites in North Dakota.

Compared to 'HiFi' and 'Morton', 'Rockford' typically has a greater groat percentage. It has same maturity as 'Souris', 'Morton' and 'HiFi'. The straw strength of 'Rockford' is similar to 'Morton' and stronger than 'HiFi' and 'Souris'. The groat beta-glucan content of 'Rockford' is greater than 'Souris', and 'Morton'.

'Rockford' possesses a crown rust and Stem rust resistance similar to 'HiFi' and 'Souris'. It is moderately susceptible to stem rust race NA67. 'Rockford' is tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus.

'Rockford' performs relatively well under a variety of growing conditions. It has good yields in Eastern and Western North Dakota. It should provide a superior alternative to 'Morton' due to its superior grain yield, test weight, lodging resistance and crown rust resistance.

This variety has been exclusively licensed by the ND Crop Improvement and Seed Association.  Additional information about growing this variety can be found at https://www.ndcropimprovement.com/seed/

To help ensure genetic purity, ‘Rockford’ oat is protected under PVPA (Certificate No. 201000253). 


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