'Talon' Dark Red Kidney Bean (RFP-258)



'Talon' dark red kidney (DRK) bean was released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment station in 2014.

'Talon' DRK has shown superior seed yield when compared with other commonly grown varieties in the region. In 2012-2014 'Talon' produced about 10 pounds per acre more than 'Montcalm' and 170 pounds per acre more than 'Redhawk'.

'Talon' DRK is tolerant to the root rot fungal complex commonly present in MN and has significantly better tolerance than the commerical checks. Talon DRK is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV) and has shown resistance to the new bean rust race 20-4. Greenhouse screening for anthracnose showed that 'Talon' is resistant to race 73, but has not been tested for race 7. In comparison with commercial checks, 'Talon' showed intermediate levels of resistance to common bacterial blight and halo blight.

Days to maturity, seed shape and size, and canning quality for 'Talon' are all within acceptable commercial ranges and comparable to the commercial checks.

This variety is protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act of 1970 as amended in 1994 (“PVPA”). The PVPA prohibits, among other things, the propagation, multiplication, production, sale, use or advertisement of this protected variety without either an assignment or license from the NDSU Research Foundation.

To ensure genetic purity, 'Talon' has been protected under PVPA Title V (certificate No. 201500066) and must be sold as a class of certified seed.


'Talon' Brochure.pdf

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