'Newburg' Oats (RFP-179)



'Newburg' oat was developed by the NDSU oat breeding project and released by the Agricultural Experiment Station in the spring of 2011. 'Newburg' has excellent yield potential; out yielding all the majority of commercial oat varieties in yield trials across North Dakota. It possesses average test weight. 

'Newburg' heads approximately one day earlier than 'Rockford' and is similar to slightly taller than 'Rockford'. It produces a similar proportion of kernels that pass through a 5/64” sieve relative to 'Souris', but produces grain with a better kernel weight. 'Newburg' protein level is similar to other high yielding commercial oat cultivars. The groat percentage of 'Newburg' is similar to 'Rockford'.

'Newburg' exhibits good resistance to the prevalent races of crown rust and stem rust and would be the only commercial oat cultivar with resistance to prevalent races of crown rust and resistance stem rust race NA67. 'Newburg' appears to have moderate tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus, but susceptible to loose smut.

This variety has been exclusively licensed by the ND Crop Improvement and Seed Association.  Additional information about growing this variety can be found at https://www.ndcropimprovement.com/seed/

To help ensure genetic purity, ‘Newburg’ oat is protected under PVPA (Certificate No. 201200150). 


Newburg Brochure.pdf 

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