Board of Directors

  1. David CookDavid Cook President, NDSU
  2. Colleen FitzgeraldColleen Fitzgerald Vice President for Research and Creative Activity, NDSU
  3. Margaret FitzgeraldMargaret Fitzgerald Provost, NDSU
  4. Greg LardyGreg Lardy Vice President for Agricultural Affairs; Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources, NDSU; Director of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station; and Director of NDSU Extension
  5. Katie HasbargenKatie Hasbargen Senior Communications Officer, Microsoft
  6. James BrotenJames Broten Owner, Operator, Broten Farms; CEO, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing
  7. Michael KesslerMichael Kessler Dean of the College of Engineering, NDSU
  8. Richard RaylRichard Rayl Chief Operations Officer, Superior Manufacturing
  9. Mark BirdsallMark Birdsall Owner, Birdsall Grain & Seed
  10. Rodney HoweRodney Howe Co-owner of Howe Enterprises; Commercial Loan Officer/IT Specialist for Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union.