Routes for Superior Synthesis of Cyclohexasilane (RFT-325)

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Invention Summary

Tetradecachlorocyclohexasilane dianion (YSi6 Cl14 :Y=counter ion), is an important intermediate in the production of cyclohexasilane (Si6H12, CHS).  CHS is a liquid precursor for electronics grade silicon materials and devices.  CHS is also a more benign liquid phase alternative to gaseous SiH4 and corrosive HSiCl3 in the various procedures and technologies adopted in silicon based electronic processes.  The existing method to produce YSi6Cl14 salt is low and yields up to 9-11%.  This invention teaches a method to produce yields that are significantly improved to approximately 80-90% for the YSi6Cl14 salt.


US Patent No.8,975,429 "Method of Producing Cyclohexasilane Compounds"


Henry Nowak, Technology Manager

NDSURF Tech Key RFT, 325, RFT325 

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