'Souris' Oats (RFP-133)



'Souris' is a white-hulled variety that has a pedigree similar to 'HiFi', a variety released by NDSU in 2001. 'Souris' consistently has produced high yields and test weights during five years of testing at several sites in North Dakota. It consistently has been among the highest yielding lines evaluated in these trials and is expected to replace 'Morton', also a 2001 NDSU release and one of the state’s most popular varieties. 

'Souris' typically has a greater groat percentage than 'HiFi' or 'Morton'. 'Souris' matures slightly earlier and is about 4 to 6 inches shorter than 'HiFi' and 'Morton', respectively. The straw strength of 'Souris' is similar to 'Morton' and stronger than 'HiFi'. The groat oil and beta-glucan content of 'Souris' is less than 'HiFi' but greater than in 'Morton'.

'Souris' has an, excellent source of resistance to prevalent races of crown rust. This resistance was derived from a different species of oats. This source of crown rust resistance is important as other current varieties' resistance appear to be break down as the races of rust change.

'Souris' provides North Dakota and regional oats producers with a disease-resistant, high-yielding, white-hulled cultivar with test weights consistently high enough for the premium oats markets, as well as for other uses. 'Souris' will grow well under high moisture and fertility conditions. During several years of evaluation in North Dakota, 'Souris' produced yields 8 percent and 2.3 percent greater than 'Morton' and 'HiFi', respectively.

'Souris' is named after the community of 'Souris', which is located in Bottineau County.

This variety has been exclusively licensed by the ND Crop Improvement and Seed Association.  Additional information about growing this variety can be found at https://www.ndcropimprovement.com/seed/

To help ensure genetic purity, 'Souris' oat is protected under PVPA (certificate no. 200800063).


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