Board of Directors

Dean Besciani
Dean Bresciani

President, North Dakota State University

Bruce Rafert

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, North Dakota State University

Kelly Rusch

Vice President for Research and Creative Activity, North Dakota State University

Ken Grafton headshot
Ken Grafton

Vice President Agricultural Affairs

Dean of College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources
Director, ND Agricultural Experiment Station - North Dakota State University

Kent Gronlie

Owner, Operator of Gronlie Farms

Allan T. Mense

Principal Engineering Fellow, Chief Engineer, Raytheon

Katie Hasbargen

Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft

James Broten

Owner, Operator, Broten Farms
CEO, Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing

Mark Hubbard

Vice President of Business and Banking, Bremer Bank

Gary Smith headshot
Gary Smith

Dean of College of Engineering and Architecture, North Dakota State University

Richard Rayl

Chief Operating Officer, Somahlution

Tadd Tobkin

Former Director, Arthur Ventures

Mark Birdsall

Owner, Birdsall Grain & Seed