Licensed/Optioned Technologies


Licensed/Optioned Technologies (Non-ag)

(RFT-75) Peano Count Model (PCM)

(RFT-141) Novel Coatings for Outdoor Bronzes: Features Superior Protection and Easy Removal

(RFT-154) Water Dispersible Epoxy Urethane Compounds and Coating Compositions

(RFT-159) Vertical Set Inner Product Technology (VSIP) with Predicate Trees

(RFT-203) Parameter Optimized, Vertical, Nearest-Neighbor-Vote and Boundary-Based Classification

(RFT-118/139) Magnesium Rich Coatings and Coating Systems

(RFT-278) Utilization of Lignocillulosic Fibers From Different Agricultural Waste Sources as Reinforcement in Commodity Thermoplastics 

(RFT-02) Method for Redistribution of Trichlorosilane

(RFT-39) Advances in the Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Films and Printed, Flexible Electronic Circuits

(RFT-324) Efficient Processes to Produce Polyalkylated Oligo-ethyl-polyamines

(RFT-325) Routes for Superior Synthesis of Cyclohexasilane

(RFT-414) Novel Quality Control Assay for Detection of Oversulfated Chondroitin Sulfate in Heparin

(RFT-314) Bio-based Functional Resins and Thermoset Materials with Excellent Mechanical Properties

(RFT-318) Polymers Derived from Plant Oil Exhibit Increased Crosslink Density, Superior Properties

(RFT-413) Vegetable Oil-Based Polymers for Nanoparticle Surface Modification

Licensed/Optioned Technologies (Ag)

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