'ND Whitetail' White Kidney Bean (RFP-312)


ND Whitetail is a white kidney bean cultivar selected from the cross of Beluga/ND061209. Beluga is a white kidney bean cultivar released by Michigan State University (Kelly et al., 1999), and one of the most commonly grown white kidney cultivars in the country. ND061209 is a dark red kidney breeding line from NDSU with superior agronomic performance. It was obtained from a complex cross series involving other well-known kidney cultivars such as Foxfire, Montcalm, Redhawk, and Red Kloud, among others. It also includes some older breeding lines from NDSU that showed overall superior agronomic performance.

ND Whitetail has a determinate Type I growth habit typical of most kidney cultivars. ND Whitetail has white flowers. Under North Dakota and Minnesota conditions ND Whitetail shows higher seed yield across all the trials in which this cultivar has been tested with other white kidney cultivars commonly used in the region. Average days to maturity is 101, plant height is 52 cm, and average 100-seed weight is 49.1 g. ND Whitetail shows intermediate resistance for Halo Blight and white Mold. Canning quality is superior to other white kidney cultivars. It also has resistance to BCMV and intermediate resistance to Halo Blight and the root rot complex. Agronomic traits of economic importance such as seed shape/size, maturity, and plant height are within commercial acceptable ranges.

This variety is protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act of 1970 as amended in 1994 ("PVPA"). The PVPA prohibits, among other things, the propagation, multiplication, production, sale, use or advertisement of this protected variety without either an assignment or license from the NDSU Research Foundation.

To ensure genetic purity, 'ND Whitetail' has been protected under PVPA Title V (certificate No. 201900175) and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

Additional data in brochure:

  • Table 1: Minnesota data for seed yield
  • Table 2: North Dakota date for plant seed weight, maturity, plant height, canning score, and halo blight
  • Table 3: White mold 


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